Kevin Day details TIC TAC UAP experience, aftermath that influences him still

Kevin Day was the air intercept controller (AIC) aboard the Princeton during the now highly-publicized Nimitz UAP incident. Like many people who’ve experienced the UFO phenomena, Day’s life changed that day, and like many compelled him to tell his story in one way or another.

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Director Jeremy Corbell explains access for 'Hunt For The Skinwalker'

"Hunt For The Skinwalker" was a game-changing book by journalist George Knapp and  NIDS investigator Colm Kelleher PhD  that blew open the paranormal plethora of scientist-baffling anomalies that have haunted a ranch in the Uintah BasinWhile some choose to put their research to print, director Jeremy Corbell brings these stories to life via film, and his latest, highly-anticipated  documentary "Hunt The Skinwalker"

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Artist spiritual inspiration could be channeled messages

There is something to be said to the idea that the more artistic types (musicians, artists) are drawn to the UFO phenomena and mysterious of the universe.

Los Angeles-based artist Hailey Taylor's work is a combination of Southern California culture and deeper mysticism.

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