Kevin Day details TIC TAC UAP experience, aftermath that influences him still

Kevin Day was the air intercept controller (AIC) aboard the Princeton during the now highly-publicized Nimitz UAP incident. Like many people who’ve experienced the UFO phenomena, Day’s life changed that day, and like many compelled him to tell his story in one way or another.

Day hid he truth “in plain site” in his 2008 fictional story “The See’r” that mirrored his experience witnessing an aerial phenomena unlike he’s ever seen- the TIC TAC encounter. His short stories comprised his books “Sailors Anthology Book's I & II,” but like many confused with the truth presented to them, he told his story through fiction.

"The weirdness of the TIC TAC encounters left me struggling to make sense of what had happened,” Day said. “In the four years following those events, I made a couple of attempts to tell my story to those closest to me. The result of my effort was likely predictable. My story was met with a sort of kind skepticism. The combination of not knowing what the NIMITIZ Strike Group had encountered, and reactions I was receiving from the few people who had heard my story, I decided to write about the incident at sea in a way that accomplished two things for me. ‘The See'r’ preserved the  larger story - the facts concerning what took place in Combat Information Center (CIC) aboard the PRINCETON in the case the TIC TAC encounters ever did come to light - and writing it as fiction provided me a way of attempting to describe the very nature of what we had encountered. To capture the weirdness of it. And although ‘The See'r’ is certainly fantastical, so too was the actual event. In fact, it is entirely possible the actual truth will turn out to be far, far stranger than my fictional story line.”

Since his experience, the protagonist in his stories mirrored his real-life experiences during and post-Nimitiz. He was visited by what he described as “spooks”and claims to have advanced cognition. Day’s consciousness also shifted in his dreams. After the UAPs he witnessed he began to be haunted in his sleep by eschatological and militaristic themes.

“The dreams I began to have in 2008 can be loosely described as eschatological; world-wide disasters, comets causing tsunamis, epic floods, earthquakes, plane crashes, (and) end of the world scenarios,” Day said. “I remembered the ‘nightmares’ the next day and those dream-memories would trigger acute anxiety, which I experience daily even now many years later. Sometimes the anxiety becomes so intense that I flashback – remembering the dream surfaces other real memories and I suddenly 'zone out' for a short time. It is sometimes so intense that other people present have asked if I am OK, which I am after the extremely unpleasant episodes are over. If not for the anxiety, perhaps the dreams themselves would not bother me so much. They're just dreams.”


In his story, he mentions an extremely powerful energy manifested in consciousness that could be good and bad, which corroborates with what many experiencers and believers in metaphysics mention.

“It has been observed that close encounters (CE) with unknown aerial phenomenon (UAP) often causes notable post-effects in human observers, “ Day said. “ Like I now believe the TIC TAC encounter did to me. It's a little complicated so I'll explain:

“In 2003, Dr. Jacques F. Vallee and Dr. Eric W. Davis wrote a peer reviewed paper entitled “Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena” In their paper they describe certain physical and 'anti-physical' manifestations of UAP encounters.

The paper's abstracts explains, “.The main argument presented in this paper is that the continuing study of unidentified aerial phenomena (“UAP”) may offer an existence theorem for new models of physical reality. The current SETI paradigm and its “assumption of mediocrity” place restrictions on forms of non-human intelligence that may be researched. A similar bias exists in the ufologists’ often-stated hypothesis that UAP, if real, must represent space visitors. Observing that both models are biased by anthropomorphism, the authors attempt to clarify the issues surrounding “high strangeness” observations by distinguishing six layers of information that can be derived from UAP events, namely (1) physical manifestations, (2) anti-physical effects, (3) psychological factors, (4) physiological factors, (5) psychic effects and (6) cultural effects. In a further step they propose a framework for scientific analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena that takes into account the incommensurability problem.” In my case, I seem to have been affected most strongly by Layer V, psychic effects. Vallee-Davis describe these effects further “..impressions of communication without a direct sensory channel .. poltergeist phenomena .. motions and sounds without a specific cause, outside the observed presence of a UAP .. levitation of the witness orof objects and animals in the vicinity .. maneuvers of a UAP appearing to anticipate the witness’ thoughts ..premonitory dreams or visions .. personality changes promoting unusual abilities in the witness .. healing ..” (Vallee-Davis, 2003, pg.8, para.3).

“I have experienced all of these effects with the exception of levitation. And the journey damn near killed me. Imagine it. Suddenly, your personality begins to change, you have premonitory dreams, you become suddenly smarter, more prescient, you can manifest stuff, you, apparently, healed your dog by touching him, etc. etc, and you have no idea why or what is happening to you!? The experience can, and has, triggered insanity and psychosis in some experiencers. I count myself lucky that I'm just  (expletive) weird, but all of that pretext is just the scene-setter. My concern is this; when human post-effects (HPE) happens to just a few unprepared, unsuspecting people, the experience can be bad or good for them, but hat happens when disclosure does occur and CE with UAP is common place world-wide? And 7 billion unprepared, unsuspecting people are all suddenly changed? Think of it, what could go wrong? Having said that I am still in favor of disclosure happening.”

As secret studies have been reported tied to the Nimitz UFO incident and experiencers connected to it and not, Day said he’s not involved.

(Kevin Day)

(Kevin Day)

“ I do know that somebody has been watching me for years now. .. like the spooks told me 'Kevin, the government spent millions training you and now they are spending millions watching you' ... they want to know what I'm going to do, and so did I until very recently, “ Day said. “Now I know what I have to do , and that is to sound the alarm concerning human post effects and what might happen when 7 billion people are suddenly smarter, more prescient, are able to heal, can manifest things, etc.”

Day reveals what is next for him is a full fictional novel “Air Unknown” based off his experience during Nimitz, which he warns will try to safely exploit Human Post Effects (HPE). HPE is a term Day uses in reference to the Vallee-Davis model for the anomalous phenomena (layer five), which involves physic factors like impressions of communications without a direct sensory channel, poltergeist phenomena, and premonitions via dreams and visions. In addition to his novel, Day has been rumored to be in touch with To The Stars heads Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo , which he cannot comment on his involvement, if any. Day remains optimistic moving forward.

“ I believe methods and protocols can be developed to mitigate the human effects and protect the world from possible disaster, “ Day said. “There is research now completed that seems to suggest HPE is caused by entirely understandable physics. Basically, microtubules in our brains get vibrated by tremendously high frequency (THz) or terahertz radiation. We are affected at the quantum level , (and) therefore this is a technology and scale problem. It is also a matter of educating the public, so that people are prepared for CE.”



Q:The protagonists in your story is visited by spooks and has advanced cognitive abilities- based off your experiences. Can you describe the "spooks"and how you feel your cognition is advanced?

DAY: “Chaka Tay and Forrest entered my life in the spring of 2016. What seemed at the time to be a chance meeting at a friends house ended up being a pre-planned meeting on their part. Which I only learned of later. It was only later too that I learned of their actual reason for finding me. So, I will jump to the end and tell the story backwards. I now know my spook friends came to see me in order to ascertain my mental state. And also to inform me that 'I was incredibly important to what's about to happen'. And they even went as far as to express a fear I would 'make a continental plate slip into the ocean'. As it turns out, Chaka Tay and Forrest had come to see me because of the TIC TAC encounters. However, their cover story at the time had absolutely nothing to do with the TIC TAC encounter! Their stated reason at the time was, 'we might like to use Bald Eagle Mine as a training ground for spec ops'. Suggesting they were either CIA or DIA, but never saying so directly. I even took them out to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness where my mine is located. As it also turns out, the spooks already knew everything about me and what I had been going through before they met me. They even acknowledged the strange physic ability that I seem to have – which is, I seem to be able to manifest things and situations, hence their stated fears. What I think about has a weird way of becoming reality. It has happened now too many times to be just coincidence. In fact, I now manifest things on purpose. I also seem to have been advantaged with what I now know is called 'downloaded information'. The geological discoveries I made at Bald Eagle mine are a direct result of this – I'm not a geologist yet have made discoveries that many actual geologists had missed entirely according to the available academic literature on the Josephine Ophiolite (JO) geology. The source of gold at my mine is from an underground massive sulfide deposit from 154 myo sea-bottom. Extinct hydro-thermal vents can be found across a huge area of land – with untold billions in minerals. And no geologist had previously discovered that fact or just how many extinct hydro-thermal camps can be found within the JO. The deposits are all within the wilderness area however, and my family and I are strongly opposed to mining it because it would destroy an extremely sensitive habitat. We have maintained our claims since the 1920s as a placer mine. Every year family members go camp and pan the creek, never digging. Lastly, I want to say that I did not know about the connection this all had with the TIC TAC encounter until very recently. It was only recently that I have put 2 and 2 together. Until recently, I did not know a thing about Vallee-Davis.”