Throwback book review: 'Hunt For The Skinwalker'

The book does more than just detail the plethora of paranormal that went down at Skinwalker Ranch, and the scientific team that investigated UFOs, light orbs, giant (bulletproof) animals, shadow beings, cattle mutilations,  portals, Bigfoot and other anomalies all hosted at this remote part of Utah.

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Did Matt Skiba really spot an UFO?

File this under the "no way" file:

Matt Skiba (blink-182/ Alkaline Trio) posted a photo on his Instagram that shows an UFO he allegedly saw while on a plane. The irony here. Quick history: Skiba replaced (or is filling in for the LONG time being) Tom DeLonge in blink-182 as DeLonge famously walked away from the band to concentrate on To The Stars, which eventually developed into full-fledged UFO research and the launching of To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science. 

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COMMENTARY: Why Trump's Space Force could be dangerous

Let's pretend the president  has been briefed or is privy to just some of the information on UFOs and aliens, and we can imagine why this could potentially be dangerous. Take into consideration Donald Trump's ignorance and attitude towards people of color, endangered species, the environment, undocumented workers and LEGAL immigrants, and just imagine what his reaction would be to various races of aliens.

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Secret study could connect to USS Nimitz UFO, To The Stars Academy

Now, according to audio leaked  that was played on the latest episode of Grant Cameron's YouTube show that featured researcher and experiencer Chris Wolford, there are studies being done by a research group and experiencers that connect to experiments being done to connect psychic and telepathic abilities to what is referred to "the others," and how the Catalina Islands area played a part.

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INTERVIEW: Professor Jeffrey Kripal takes phenomena to a higher level

There’s the long-running theory that owls are somehow connected to those who have experienced the UFO phenomena. There’s a different kid of owl in Houston making connections to the unknown, religion and the UFO phenomena in way that transcends traditional thought and academia; a Rice Owl.

Jeffrey Kripal is a professor of philosophy and religious thought at the prestigious Rice University. He’s also an author who has written books about the paranormal, UFO phenomena, science fiction/superheroes, religion and mysticism, and co-authored a book with fellow famous experiencer Whitley Strieber.

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