COMMENTARY: Maybe it's time for a full MUFON boycott

On Friday the 13 (how fitting) MUFON's new Director Of Research Chris Cogswell announced his departure from the organization after seeing John Ventre was still an active member of the group. Ventre, the former state director of the Pennsylvania chapter, put MUFON on the MAGA map last year with his awful, racist rant that pretty went unpunished by MUFON.

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UFOs don't pay the bills: What we do for day jobs

Ufologists, researchers and cryptozoology enthusiasts  put in countless hours and valiant efforts into research that in most cases doesn't pay the bills. Many do it for simply one reason; a passion to seek the truth.

While there are some who make a living (part and full time) off the study of the unknown, most have careers outside, which is a testament to the passion the people involved in this field have to donate a lot of their free time for a "hobby" that doesn't always pay-off fiscally or in terms of results.

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Director Brad Abrahams goes deep on 'Love & Saucers'

"Love & Saucers" is a  fascinating film any UFO enthusiast needs to have on their radar from the sheer uniqueness of it . Director Brad Abrahams does a fantastic job of humanizing a story that is absurd upon concept, but by the end of the film even the  biggest skeptic should at least feel something.  And that is what good art does; it elicits feelings and emotions just like the subject of the documentary David Huggins and his memorizing  paintings, which detail visitations that include alien sex ever since he claims he lost his virginity to an alien. 

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A look at Georgia's Nessie-like creature carcass

A bizarre , unidentified marine life carcass recently washed up on the shore of Georgia's Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Golden Isles. The creature has Loch Ness monster-like features; elongated neck,  small head, and fins. Georgia has its own cryptid legend in  Altahama ("Alty")  that resembles a plesiosaur .  The local legend is so popular that the county of Darian, Georgia even uses a plesiosaur  as its logo.

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INTERVIEW: The Donna Lee Case -Part 1

The famous case of Donna and Clayton Lee can be described as a "modern day Betty and Barney Hill." 

Sometimes when investigating the subject of UFOs and the unknown, you look no farther than your own backyard, as the Lees live a mere minutes from this writer in Houston. The highly publicized case is worth another look, as over the next few months the goal is to get to know the Lees more in a multi-part interview series. 

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