Punk Rock and UFOs started as a book based around the idea of rebelling against our conventional beliefs, challenging our own inner thought process by examining our cognition, memories, and media literacy. This website aims to do the same by posting thought-provoking stories, posts, interviews and reviews about the world of cryptozoology and multi-media. 

 (Photo by Matthew Cole)

(Photo by Matthew Cole)

Run by established journalist and author Mike Damante, this site intends to be a hub for relevant content regarding the subjects of UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, the unexplained, etc. 

Damante is the author of the book Punk Rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology Meets Anarchy. Damante worked for the Houston Chronicle as a copy editor, writer, reporter and web producer. He currently produces their "MIKED" music blog and has interviewed bands and musicians like Bad Religion, blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Tom DeLonge, Tegan and Sara, Aerosmith, B.o.B and countless others. He currently teaches Journalism and English in Houston, TX. 

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