EXCLUSIVE: Texas Hill Country UFO sighting

 On Wednesday in Spicewood, which is about 30 miles from Austin, Texas, Sheena Lee saw what looked like a star, but it moved in a way that baffled the Texas Hill Country resident.

"It moved so fast I kept watching it thinking it was a shooting star or a satellite, but then it made weird sharp movements, and then two more appeared passed right by each other then kinda of lingered; like stopped moving completely and then they all disappeared," Lee said.

Lee admits to going outside every night to stargaze, but never saw anything like she witnessed Wednesday evening that left her "freaked out."

Remote areas are known for higher UFO sightings, and what was described by the witness is reminiscent of the activity of a  Winnipeg UAP flap that is detailed in Grant Cameron's book "Charlie Red Star."

"The three passed so close together...like watching stars cross by each other, but they like stopped and 'talked' to each other for a minute. Weirdest thing," Lee said.