REVIEW: 'The Bray Road Beast' a perfect documentary for Halloween season

Just in time for Halloween, Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters present a documentary that is part cryptozoology and part lycanthrope legend in “The Bray Road Beast.”



The film weaves in beautiful animation, scene settings for mood (filmmakers take note on how to do this right) and witness testimonials well, as it begins with the Greek mythology of lycans to the Wisconsin werewolf. The dramatic reenactments are very well done, and don’t feel cheesy or over dramatic.

Wisconsin is a apparently a paranormal hotspot with sightings of phantoms, lake monsters, UFOs, ape-like creatures, cults, the Slender Man incident, and the Bray Road Beast. The Bray Road Beast is described by witnesses as a “ferocious” bi-pedal walking humanoid dog around 8-feet tall with glowing red eyes.

While there isn’t much “hard evidence” presented, there are revelations here with Biblical implications, and local expert analysis that make this the perfect documentary to start Halloween season 2018.

“The Bray Road Beast” drops Oct.4.