Artist spiritual inspiration could be channeled messages

There is something to be said to the idea that the more artistic types (musicians, artists) are drawn to the UFO phenomena and mysteries of the universe.

(Hailey Taylor)

(Hailey Taylor)

Los Angeles-based artist Hailey Taylor's work is a combination of Southern California culture and deeper mysticism. Like many who research or are interested in Ufology, Taylor's initiation into the unknown began with a sighting at an early age. Recently, Taylor claims during a mediation session a new-found inspiration was born.

"I had a Kundalini awakening in the beginning of May and began receiving messages from 'Divine Source Light Energy,' " said Taylor. " The initial messages I received were regarding the state of the planet, and that we (the human race) are too distracted. I was told that Earth is in trouble, and that we have become too closed off to our spirituality, and have created a false sense of separation. Since then, I have received a lot of dreams that have varied from extraterrestrial contact, mathematical equations, other dimensions, and a lot of dreams related to ancient Egypt and pyramids.Right before my awakening, I had began watching documentaries, and studying about ETs. After my awakening, I began channeling, basically acting as a medium for messages from other energy sources to come through, and some of the drawings and paintings I channeled where ETs. "

The idea of channeling isn't new to the field, as even some secret studies like the one allegedly being done by Dr. Kit Green are being done to try to measure this cerebral communication. 

"I am aware of individuals who have received channeled messages," Taylor said. " Nikola Tesla, a man beyond his time, claimed to have communicated with extraterrestrials from Mars. He also said ' My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.' For those that aren't familiar with Tesla, he is the man who wanted to give free energy to everyone, and was the mind behind alternating currents, radio, remote control, robotics, and had 700 other patents. Einstein himself had claimed Tesla to be the smartest man alive during their era."

Her Instagram page Haliencontact is an artistic array of spiritual sketches and work. The subject matter falls under the same umbrella, but there are  lighthearted takes like an alien with a Dodgers hat, and more esoteric  imagery like the third-eye.

"The inspiration just comes from the desire to create and release whatever I am feeling. ..." Taylor said. "I don't believe in a universe, so much as a multiverse; by that I mean I believe there is a lot we have yet to comprehend about our said reality. I believe that this multiverse is like a playground where each soul learns that they can manifest their own reality and are given experiences and connected to individuals for the growth of that particular soul. Essentially, it exists to give life an experience. "

Besides dealing with the spiritual side of life and belief in UFOs, Taylor works full-time as a personal trainer to connect the ideology of body, mind and spirit. 

"It's called 'inner peace because it comes from within," said Taylor.  "I believe looking introspectively is the first step, and then maintaining that balance and getting to a place where that sacred trinity is all working in congruity requires physical stimulation and maintenance."