EXCLUSIVE: UFOs, other strange occurences continue in Texas Hill Country

As previously reported on Aug. 22, mysterious light orbs were seen criss-crossing in the sky outside of Austin in Spicewood, Texas.

The sightings continued this week on Aug. 30 when the orbs returned to the sky again, as reported by Spicewood resident Sheena Lee who first saw the initial lights. Lee witnessed, at one point, five UFOs at once. Lee's son was with her and commented "it feels like they are scouting the area."

Lee described the movements as "bouncing," grouping together, and hovering over the area like the first incident last week, but this time the incident lasted around 30 minutes.

In the morning on Aug. 31, the sightings continued as flashing red and white orbs hovered over the lake in a triangle formation. 

"They would look like blinking satellites if not the crazy movements," said Lee.

 At times owls can be seen in the area, which isn't too much of a stretch in rural Texas.

The skies aren't the only odd occurrence lately. Lee has noticed a "weird, wandering kid" that has spooked the neighborhood, and keeps "popping up out of nowhere." He was described as tall, white with curly hair and comes looking for water.