Bigfoot appears in best campaign ad ever

(Screen shot)

(Screen shot)

U.S. House candidate Dean Phillips is aiming to unseat Rep. Erik Paulsen in Minnesota’s third district race, and his latest campaign advertisement cleverly equates the absent Paulsen to the elusive Bigfoot.

The commercial is also a great satire on the argument of if Bigfoot really exists.

“I thought I was good at hiding,”Bigfoot said in the commercial.

In the ad, Sasquatch devises a plan to try to find Paulsen and get a picture of the absent Congressman who Phillips claims hides from voters. Bigfoot stakes his claim at Big Pharma awaiting to catch the Congressman, and the ad hilariously shows a man playing Paulsen walking in slow motion like the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video.

The costume and makeup for Bigfoot may just be the best we’ve seen.

Check it out.