Rogue Planet's Jason McClellan on the perfect UFO beer, his new podcast

Punk, ska, UFOs and beer-what's there not to like about Jason McClellan?  McClellan is the author of the book "Only Weirdos See UFOs," a writer for Rogue Planet, a pod-caster, an expert connoisseur of beer and a friend of 

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Interview: Milo Aukerman of the DESCENDENTS shares his views on intelligent life

Back in November at Sound By Sound festival in Austin, this author had the bucket-list opportunity to sit down and interview Milo Aukerman, beloved front man from the iconic punk/ genre-forming pop-punk band the Descendents.

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Interview on 'See You On The Otherside' podcast

Mike Huberty from The Other Side Podcast was kind enough to feature "Punk rock and UFOs" on his latest edition of his podcast that is self-described by him as "A rock band's journey into the afterlife, UFOs, entertainment, and weird science." 

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Indie director details 'Kecksburg' sci-fi film, casting pro wrestlers

Director Cody Knotts ("Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies," "Gore Orphanage") will venture into the sci-fi world with his next film, "Kecksburg" based on the real-life reports of the famous Kecksburg UFO sighting Dec. 9, 1965 in Kecksberg, Penn. 

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Short documentary looks at Hillary Clinton as 'disclosure candidate'

Many want to get money out of government, which would rid our Democracy of atrocities like Citizens United, but maybe not all lobbyists are that bad.

Stephen Bassett has spent 20 years being the only UF0-disclosure lobbyist, and a short film about him and Hillary Clinton's UFO-friendly 2016 campaign by Field Of Visions is back in the news after a recent  WikiLeaks tweet about the film. 

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Erin Ryder talks 'Destination Truth', getting in expedition shape, Coachella

Erin Ryder wears a lot of hats, and we don't mean the fashionable ones she rocked at Coachella.

Ryder is a well-known TV host, respected explorer, producer, investigative journalist and adventurer for all things unexplained. 

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Trump's VOICE hotline hit with calls of space aliens

According to , President Donald Trump's  anti-immigrant VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement) hotline has been trolled by various calls offering complaints about crimes by illegal space aliens. This comes on #AlienDay, which was a trending topic on social media celebrating the "Alien" sci-fi movie franchise, and two days before Trump reaches his embarrassing day  no. 100 in office. 

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A look back at 'Behold A Pale Horse'

"Behold A Pale Horse" is the controversial conspiracy theory manifesto by author and ex-Navy officer William Cooper who died in 2001 after a shootout with the FBI.

The book is a mind-bending outline of conspiracy theories that connects how the world works from beginning of class warfare and social structures that remain in society.

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Low ticket sales prompt cancellation of Aurora Alien Encounter Conference

Citing "poor advance ticket sales" the Aurora Alien Encounter Conference that was expected to take place April 21-22 in Aurora, Texas, is now cancelled with the possibility of the event being resurrected in the form of a Fall festival according to a news release from media relations Lauren Kelley. 

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