COMMENTARY: Logical arguments against To The Stars criticism

As To The Stars /To The Stars Academy Of Arts and Science continues to make waves in the UFO world, there continues to be a vocal group of detractors that seem to constantly criticize anything TTS does. Even with Luis Elizondo’s recent positively-received convention appearances, and the announcement of a six-part documentary series called “Unidentified” on the History Channel , the TTS trolls are still in full.

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'Ancient Aliens' -'The Akashic Record' episode one of show's best

Season 12 of "Ancient Aliens" has been solid so far by tackling deeper subjects and having a more focused/ in-depth feel per episode, rather jumping all over the place. The twelfth season continues to shine with the latest episode, "The Akashic Record," which is one of the shows best episodes and it barely deals with aliens.

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Erin Ryder talks 'Destination Truth', getting in expedition shape, Coachella

Erin Ryder wears a lot of hats, and we don't mean the fashionable ones she rocked at Coachella.

Ryder is a well-known TV host, respected explorer, producer, investigative journalist and adventurer for all things unexplained. 

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