Indie director details 'Kecksburg' sci-fi film, casting pro wrestlers

The 'Kecksburg' film is currently in production. (Handout)   

The 'Kecksburg' film is currently in production. (Handout)


Director Cody Knotts ("Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies," "Gore Orphanage") will venture into the sci-fi world with his next film, "Kecksburg" based on the real-life reports of the famous Kecksburg UFO sighting Dec. 9, 1965 in Kecksberg, Penn. 

The film is described as  sci-fi horror, which is evident from the casting descriptions calling for "aliens" and other fictitious characters and synopsis on the website.


"Our goal is to bring the events to life," Knotts said. "Eyewitnesses stated they saw alien bodies removed.  We believe them versus the government."

The Kecksburg incident is often referred to as "Pennsylvania's Roswell," as witnesses saw an acorn shaped object crash into the woods. Some believe what was seen in Kecksburg could be the German-designed "Die Glocke" bell-shaped UFO, which many believe was alien technology reverse engineered by Nazi scientists. 

While the film will follow its own fictional narrative along with the historical accounts, the filmmakers are paying attention to detail.

"To insure that the science was correct, we have gained the expert advice of Dr. Nathan Morehouse, an evolutionary biologist from the University of Pittsburgh with regards to the alien physiology and the spaceship was designed by the founder of Lycos, Dr. Michael 'Fuzzy' Mauldin," said Knotts.  "Mauldin is one of the creators of the first working AI.  His design is based on the eyewitness accounts of an acorn shaped object.   The film is a work of historical fiction but we are making every attempt to insure the science is first class and is a logical attempt to explain the events of December 9, 1965 within the context of the film."

Knotts, who has worked with WWE legends Kurt Angle, Roddy Piper and Matt Hardy in the past, has cast former WWE/ ECW star Shane Douglas in the film. Working with pro wrestlers is an easy fit for Knotts.

"Wrestling, in particular in the 1990's, is one of the most popular forms of entertainment," said Knott. "These men bring a large loyal following to any film they appear in.  Besides a proven loyal audience, they are also great to work with and around.  They will do whatever is necessary to get the shot."

Learn more about "Kecksburg" from official site.