'Ancient Aliens' premiere dives deep into Pentagon UFO story, TTSAAS

"Ancient Aliens" returned with an in depth, up-to-date analysis of the New York Times Pentagon UFO story, Luis Elizondo and To The Stars AcademyOf Arts And Science, (even  positive stuff on Tom DeLonge from John Podesta and Nick Pope) , and the overall topic of U.S. government cover ups.

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COMMENTARY: What if Hillary Clinton became the UFO president?

It was a dark, sad day for many when Donald Trump was announced the winner of the election, and was named president no. 45 in American history. There are so many what-if scenarios that many Americans have pondered during this current, awful administration, but what Hillary Clinton would have won and finally been the "disclosure" president?

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Short documentary looks at Hillary Clinton as 'disclosure candidate'

Many want to get money out of government, which would rid our Democracy of atrocities like Citizens United, but maybe not all lobbyists are that bad.

Stephen Bassett has spent 20 years being the only UF0-disclosure lobbyist, and a short film about him and Hillary Clinton's UFO-friendly 2016 campaign by Field Of Visions is back in the news after a recent  WikiLeaks tweet about the film. 

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