Interview on 'See You On The Otherside' podcast

Mike Huberty from The Other Side Podcast was kind enough to feature "Punk rock and UFOs" on his latest edition of his podcast that is self-described by him as "A rock band's journey into the afterlife, UFOs, entertainment, and weird science." 


Huberty is a veteran musician fronting Madison, WI rock band Sun Spot. In addition to producing the podcast, the band tacks on a song recorded by them with each edition, which is a pretty cool concept. The band's song for this podcast is a mid-tempo jam that sounds like an "adult-contemporary" Dinousaur Jr. "Stories In The Dark," which  pairs nicely with the discussion about the book "Punk rock and UFOs," interest in the weird, and punk.  You can listen to the song here

Huberty begins the blog with "Journalist and author Mike Damante took a left turn from covering mainstream entertainment and sports news in Houston to chronicling the weird world of the paranormal in his blog, Punk Rock and UFOs., " which is a fitting introduction.  Huberty really digs deep to get the behind the scenes about the book, this author's career in journalism, interest in unknown, the Descendents, Tom DeLonge, and cryptozoology as a whole. 

Check out the  interview in its entirety below and be sure to follow Huberty and his band.