Throwback book review: 'Transformation: The Breakthrough'


"Transformation: The Breakthrough" is the follow-up to the Whitley Strieber's ground-breaking abduction recollection account "Communion."

In "Transformation," Strieber dwells deeper to the emotional aspect as an experiencer, and how he copes with coming to terms of his fears, beliefs ,and overall feelings of the "visitors." The book also explores the themes of reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, Strieber's own mortality (as well as mortality and spirituality in general), and perception of reality. 

After "Communion," which was a New York Times best seller and a top-10 selection in terms of books on the UFO phenomena, Streiber's visitations didn't stop. "Transformation" continues his documentation of visitations with new revelations, more vivid accounts and some encounters with different beings and the "golden city." Strieber brings up an interesting connection to the Gaelic language from "The Andreasson Affair" to "star people" and Christianity.

Like "Communion," "Transformation" is an absolute page-turner that serves as a worthy sequel to one of the field's definitive books.