EXCLUSIVE : WWE Hall of Famer Amy Dumas reveals 'The UFO Sho'

WWE fans will remember Hall of Famer Amy Dumas ("Lita") as the high-flying women's wrestling trailblazer who historically main evented "WWE Raw" with Trish Stratus, but Dumas is going from moonsaults to  the moon with her latest DIY outing "The UFO Sho."

Amy Dumas is into veganisn, punk rock, atttoos and UFOs. Right at home on this site! . (Amy Dumas)

Amy Dumas is into veganisn, punk rock, atttoos and UFOs. Right at home on this site! . (Amy Dumas)

 " The UFO Sho " will be debuting this Wednesday on ASY TV web platform, and will have a three-episode run that covers Dumas trips to Roswell, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sedona, Ariz. 

"My premise of the show is incorporating being  on the road and stopping and pulling over at every (UFO themed) road side attraction, but we weren’t going to be that show that actually proves anything," Dumas said. " We aren’t 'hunting' UFOs.  It’s more of a human interest show. The theme that links all the parties together."

Dumas traveled through town and interviewed the man who paints all the alien-themed Roswell storefronts, and the women how holds the little alien statue and some of the stories she's been told. Dumas own interest in the phenomenon started a few years back in Sedona, which was a spot she made certain to highlight on the show's debut three installments. 

"I saw a pamphlet for a UFO tour that said 'sightings guaranteed or your money back' and I wanted to go off the flier alone, " Dumas said. "We went up there with night vision goggles and she (tour guide) is a lifetime experiencer and researcher, and is a trip to be around. When she got in her zone and started talking, the things she was talking about were making sense.  We saw so much crazy shit up there. Basically, showed us how to measure altitude, and what military grade planes can fly at and after what after a certain area is considered unidentified . That from there that made me go and want to learn everything about it; it was my new leisure research subject."

The retired superstar  occasionally appears on WWE programming as a panelist, and recently a judge on the latest version of "Tough Enough." Ever wonder what her pro wrestling peers think on the subject?

"(In genera) I kind of lob up a question to see where someone stands on it, because people are very polarized with how they feel on it," said Dumas. "I had a great conversation talking to The Miz about this. He so adamantly denies everything. We happened to be the only people sitting at catering and it happened to come up.  I think he saw my UFO pin on my jacket, and was like ‘UFO pin, huh? What do you think there is (expletive) green men flying around? ‘ And I was like ‘What do you think there’s not?' and he goes ‘oh, come on and cuts a full-on Miz promo on me. The next guy sits down, who is a a camera man, and  when asked about UFOs said he saw something one time, and right after that Kaiisto came and sat down and I was like  'Hey,what do you think?'  and he was like 'Oh, yeah in Little League I saw....' and then went on. All of a sudden I had all these supporters, and Miz was being drowned in all of these people’s experiences."

While acknowledging the kitsch-y approach to the show, Dumas hopes the show helps move conversations and gets people thinking, regardless of what you believe. 

"With the show, it’s all about 'let’s just talk about it'", said Dumas. " I'm not trying to change anyone’s mind."