The famous Betty Andreasson abduction is a classic case of a close encounter of the fourth kind that will really change the way you think about the phenomena. 

Andreasson’s abduction, as detailed word-for- word in Ray Fowler's book “The Andreasson Affair:The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind " is a mind-blowing account similar to Whitley Strieber’s “Communion,” but with dialogue with her visitors that will have you scratch your head.



Andreasson  made audacious accounts of visiting a “higher place,” which landscapes and terrain sound straight out of science fiction, but her lie detector tests proved she wasn’t lying. Whatever she experienced; real or manufactured in her psyche was real to her and she was telling the truth. Andreasson, a devout Christian, even questioned the alien beings about the Lord. She claimed to give the visitors a Bible, and in return they gave her a blue book, which secrets could not be revealed until man was ready. Is it a coincidence she was given a blue book, and the government partial disclosure project was named “Project Blue Book?”

In her visit to this higher place, Andreasson described an encounter with a giant bird, which rose from the ashes like a Phoenix. The Phoenix was sacred to the Egyptians and early Christian depictions of the Phoenix were used to represent mortality and resurrection. She also detailed that the aliens said “If man will study nature itself, he will find many answers that he seeks.…Within fire are many answers.” So the idea of life, rebirth and through fire could have been shown to her or her own beliefs could have materialized this symbolism in whatever
phenomena she experienced, either way quite a fascinating coincidence.

She also detailed another account about going through the “Great Door” to meet “The One” ( a Nordic looking human) where she learned “love is the answer to all things,” which the idea of love was preached to her many times by the alien visitors. She was warned (like many others who have experienced similar abduction and alien phenomena) about how man’s greed is destroying progress and slowly harming the planet.

The book is hard to put down, as in this case, the entire thing was read in one sitting. It's a must-have in terms abduction reports.