'Ancient Aliens' premiere dives deep into Pentagon UFO story, TTSAAS


"Ancient Aliens" returned with an in depth, up-to-date analysis of the New York Times Pentagon UFO story, Luis Elizondo and To The Stars AcademyOf Arts And Science, (even  positive stuff on Tom DeLonge from John Podesta and Nick Pope) , and the overall topic of U.S. government cover ups.

The episode does a great job of stream lining everything that went down in 2017 with the Gimbal video, Pentagon videos, TTSAAS, Bigelow Airspace housing "alien" alloys, to a mainstream audience that may not have the attention span to read all the stories.  Unfortunately, it's just a recap and doesn't provide anything more than just the news of the past year and some commentary. What stands out about this episode is the involvement of Podesta ( Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chair), and how he's able to explain Harry Reid's importance. 

Other episode highlights:

-What's inside Robert Bigelow's warehouse and when can we see it? 

-Previous past "official" government UFO studies, the MJ-12, Project Blue Book, Area 51 and the work of T.D. Barnes, and other past stories.

-Astronaut  anomaly encounter testimonials.

Even for a premiere, a 2-hour episode feels a little excessive; it's almost a documentary film at this point. While the show does have its fair share of detractors, it has been on air for now 13 seasons, which is an impressive longevity for a show of this nature. "The UFO Conspiracy" episode does a solid job of recapping 2017 to the mainstream while also staying true to the show's ancient astronaut theory roots.