INTERVIEW: Professor Jeffrey Kripal takes phenomena to a higher level

There’s the long-running theory that owls are somehow connected to those who have experienced the UFO phenomena. There’s a different kid of owl in Houston making connections to the unknown, religion and the UFO phenomena in way that transcends traditional thought and academia; a Rice Owl.

Jeffrey Kripal is a professor of philosophy and religious thought at the prestigious Rice University. He’s also an author who has written books about the paranormal, UFO phenomena, science fiction/superheroes, religion and mysticism, and co-authored a book with fellow famous experiencer Whitley Strieber.

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Why are those who study UFOs drawn to writing fiction too?

Many are dedicated to finding the facts, searching for the truth, and practicing general journalistic standards in  the study of all things UFOs, but somewhere along the way many authors switch their focus from non-fiction to fiction. Why is it that so many immersed into the field of UFO research are drawn into the world of fictional writing?

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