The Punk rock and UFOs 2017 Halloween guide

It's Halloween all year .(Mike Damante)

It's Halloween all year .(Mike Damante)

If you aren't looking for ghosts in a haunted house, chasing Bigfoot or UFO watching this Halloween weekend, then what is a cryptozoologist to do?

Here are some suggestions, as well as some creepy content to keep you satisfied until an actual run in with Mothman:


-For starters, this Halloween maybe you should go "Into The Fray" with Shannon LeGro as recent episodes are about:

- A creature called the  Fae .

-Caller's creepiest stories.

-Victoria's most haunted

Speaking of LeGro, Ryan Sprague's "Somewhere In The Skies" features her on a Halloween-themed episode about Fox Hollow Farm.


With more UFO themed TV shows, movies and Halloween attractions every year, this could play into the idea many believe that this is all part of a very slow disclosure effort. The idea is through fiction and pop culture the public would be less shocked if the government were to ever reveal the truth regarding UFOs.

Aliens and UFOs have always been a part of Halloween lore ever since the Hollywood-mandated UFO science fiction films that began post-Roswell, but this year it appears alien-themed products are more abundant in Halloween stores.


Aliens being a part of Halloween lore plays to many people's real fears.

"As much as I don't want to admit it;  I'm actually terrified of aliens and UFOs," said Best Ex's Mariel Loveland. "I truly believe if they're even a stitch as messed up as humans are, we're going to be toast the second they decide to come on down and mess stuff up. "

And don't forget about the ghost stories. 

T.S.O.L's Jack Grisham may not be a full believer in ghosts, but they believe in him.

Grisham, front man of the old-school SoCal punk rock band T.S.O.L, claims to live in house haunted by strange occurrences. Check out the full interview


You can always watch classic Hollywood movies like the horror/ sci-fi "Alien." Or if you are the actor in the film, see actual aliens.  In a interview with VICE, Kotto claims to have been visited for the past 50 years, detailing his experiences being visited by " a figure. least five or six feet tall with an elongated head" witnessing a UFO the size of "Yankee Stadium" in the Philippines. 

As a kid, "Fire In The Sky" freaked me out, but also helped ignite my interest into aliens. 


P.S.- Watch out for the Astro Zombies....