There's an increase in alien-themed products this Halloween

The "Invasion!" display at Halloween Horror Nights is straight out of your favorite science fiction movies. (Zach Christensen) 

The "Invasion!" display at Halloween Horror Nights is straight out of your favorite science fiction movies. (Zach Christensen) 

Aliens and UFOs have always been a part of Halloween lore ever since the Hollywood-mandated UFO science fiction films that began post-Roswell, but this year it appears alien-themed products are more abundant in Halloween stores.

Every year you can find an alien latex mask of a grey, or a stereotypical sci-fi green alien, Men In Black costumes, and other pop-culture leaning alien wear for Halloween. This season, you'll have a lot to choose from as alien emoji masks, full-body costumes,  alien gloves, glasses, headbands and decorations are all available. Spirit Halloween, one of the largest retailers for Halloween, features three pages of products on its website that includes all of the previously named items and in-store features a large alien animatronic display. The display is a play off of Area 51 and has an alien in a chamber that lights up and fogs, and also has an alien autopsy room that has art work of an alien in a tube, and on the table is what appears to be a dead alien covered by a sheet. offers a similar product line, but has morph suits, "E.T." costumes and inflatable green aliens.

Universal Studios annual "Halloween Horror Nights" event has added a scare zone called "Invasion!," which features a crashed UFO on the street and walking aliens in that part of the street. The website describes "Invasion!" as "The year is 1955, and a UFO has crashed onto the wharf. Their goal: to conduct experiments upon you to prepare to invade Earth." Sounds straight out of Hollywood, huh?

"The aliens and UFO props add a huge level of excitement to 'Halloween Horror Nights' because I think people are finally starting to believe that there is extra life out there," said Orlando , Fla. "Halloween Horror Nights" attendee Zach Christensen.

With more UFO themed TV shows, movies and Halloween attractions every year, this could play into the idea many believe that this is all part of a very slow disclosure effort. The idea is through fiction and pop culture the public would be less shocked if the government were to ever reveal the truth regarding UFOs.

"Is need for an actual tin foil hat-making session closer than ever?" said Shannon LeGro, from "Into The Fray" radio, an expert on both UFOs and all things Halloween. "Dressing up kids as a grey is continuing what Steve Speilberg started with 'Close Enounters'." 

Does making aliens a large part of Halloween do more good than bad when it comes to public perception? Sound off in the comments.