Takeaways from Tom DeLonge on 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast

Tom DeLonge was on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Thursday night, and overall did a better job to deter some skeptics of To The Stars Academy, but there are still plenty of unanswered questions. Here's some  interesting bullet points from it:

Tom DeLonge claims he has seen advanced, lightweight metals from crashed UFOs. (Mike Damante)

Tom DeLonge claims he has seen advanced, lightweight metals from crashed UFOs. (Mike Damante)

-DeLonge shared the story where a government official met him for dinner at an airport and shared the "we found a life-form story." DeLonge said he was vetted by the government because of what he previously knew/ said, and they suspected him to be an Edward Snowden type. They didn't care WHO he was, but rather what he knew.

-DeLonge did a better job here of detailing the mission statement of TTS AAS than previously, by discussing "Sekret Machines," what they plan to show on this weekly series ( everything from footage to on-air experiments of some of the tech they want to do)  including zero-gravity technology. 

-Rogan prodded well, and asked some deeper questions, but you have to believe some of it may have been controlled. When poked about what the investment gets an investor for TTS AAS, DeLonge faltered and tried to skip over that aspect. When asked when DeLonge had time for all this, DeLonge talked about the relationship with blink-182. DeLonge  stated when he started his companies it was when they weren't sure how big blink would be. If this is true, DeLonge's first company  he was involved with was  "Loserkids" in the late 1990s when "Enema Of The State" was blowing up, so that was an odd comment. 

-Rogan's awareness of Sumerians and their knowledge of solar system was impressive.

-Still not buying the idea that fiction needs to be part of the slow "disclosure" to public. Sorry Tom. 

-DeLonge said he believes that there are many races of aliens who are out there and have visited. He thinks the greys can possibly be androids.  He also compares the threat of ISIS and how it is controlled by CIA to the same way the government dealt with UFOs around the time of Roswell. 

-There are connections to Atlantis. Basically, DeLonge believes a lot of what we all do, and oddly, there was some agreement to the ancient astronaut theory, which "Sekret Machine: GODS" by Peter Levenda  sort of picks at. DeLonge said Zecharia Sitchin was close....

-DeLonge message to skeptics is  "you don't know what I know." 

-Major media outlets demanding interviews that To The Stars is denying for "obvious reasons." I'm still waiting to interview DeLonge again.

-"Strange Times" will have an animated film. DeLonge claimed he's putting out Bob Lazar's autobiography. 

There's A LOT covered here and lots of good stuff, so please watch for yourself below.