On the whole disclosure debate. ...


Disclosure is always a hot topic in the UFO community that often continues to drive the divide rather bridge the gap in Ufology.


For some, nothing short of full disclosure is considered a failure. For others, disclosure is an ongoing process that may never come to full fruition. The moment we accept the latter argument,well, the easier this all becomes. 

Was the release of Project Blue Book (accurate or not), which was an archive of thousands of official U.S. government UFO documents made public that include reports, photos, files and incidents, disclosure enough? What about when high-ranking former government officials, ex-Astronauts and other people of interest  come out and disclose information? Is that disclosure enough to end the debate? 

 Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minster of defense, has been on record saying multiple alien species have walked among us for years and would be more willing to share their tech if we changed our earth-harming polluting ways. Hellyer was one of the first high-ranking officials to come forth, and should be considered nothing less than a highly-credible source. This should’ve been a huge, earth-shattering revelation that was front page news.

Why wasn’t this news bigger than it was?

In “Punk rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology meets Anarchy,” I detailed how the media works and how stories are played in print and on broadcast mediums. UFO-centric stories are usually news that gets a few minutes of airtime or an OK spot in print with little to no follow-up story. Stories are dictated by demand from the public via TV ratings, social media scores, web hits, subscription revenues, etc., so if the public isn’t clamoring for the truth about UFOs, well guess what? We will probably get 45 minutes of an hour news program dedicated to the one big story of the day, and it’s not about UFOs.

The idea of a "slow disclosure" that has been crawling in our subconscious via Hollywood and fiction, is infuriating since some believe this is still the way to go after all these years after Roswell

The thing is, disclosure doesn’t mean a damn thing, if we as a public don’t care enough. Disclosure doesn’t matter because the info has been there and the masses don’t seem to care. The general public isn’t concerned about UFOs or the truth regarding the origins of man and the earth.  We as a UFO community, just as cryptozoology is still an underdog science, are still the outcasts compared to the mainstream viewpoints. Now, it seems more and more people are starting to believe in UFOs and intelligent life, and that is great, but if they don’t do anything and make their voice heard, it doesn’t help much. Unfortunately, UFOs and the secrets of the universe aren’t a priority for many, and many in the government know this. It’s easy to release a book of sketches and sightings to appease the UFO public when the world’s majority won’t pay much attention to it.  

Ufology is fringe.  

Unless a UFO lands on the White House lawn on live TV and aliens walk out of it, then the general populace will continue to ignore disclosure.