'Alien' actor claims to have seen real aliens



Yaphet Kotto has waited a long time to talk about aliens; no, not his role in the 1979 sci-fi movie "Alien" he acted in.

In a new interview with VICE, Kotto claims to have been visited for the past 50 years, detailing his experiences being visited by " a figure. ...at least five or six feet tall with an elongated head" witnessing a UFO the size of "Yankee Stadium" in the Philippines. 

He seems to know his stuff about UFOs too, and scoffs at the idea he's crazy.

"I have an IQ of 196," Kotto said in the interview with Vice. "You might as well say that the hundreds of other people—including Canada's previous defense minister—who came to the same conclusions about alien life have mental health issues too. "

Read the full interview here.