Director Jeremy Corbell explains access for 'Hunt For The Skinwalker'

"Hunt For The Skinwalker" was a game-changing book by journalist George Knapp and  NIDS investigator Colm Kelleher PhD  that blew open the paranormal plethora of scientist-baffling anomalies that have haunted a ranch in the Uintah BasinWhile some choose to put their research to print, director Jeremy Corbell brings these stories to life via film, and his latest, highly-anticipated  documentary "Hunt The Skinwalker"

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Artist spiritual inspiration could be channeled messages

There is something to be said to the idea that the more artistic types (musicians, artists) are drawn to the UFO phenomena and mysterious of the universe.

Los Angeles-based artist Hailey Taylor's work is a combination of Southern California culture and deeper mysticism.

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Throwback book review: 'Hunt For The Skinwalker'

The book does more than just detail the plethora of paranormal that went down at Skinwalker Ranch, and the scientific team that investigated UFOs, light orbs, giant (bulletproof) animals, shadow beings, cattle mutilations,  portals, Bigfoot and other anomalies all hosted at this remote part of Utah.

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Did Matt Skiba really spot an UFO?

File this under the "no way" file:

Matt Skiba (blink-182/ Alkaline Trio) posted a photo on his Instagram that shows an UFO he allegedly saw while on a plane. The irony here. Quick history: Skiba replaced (or is filling in for the LONG time being) Tom DeLonge in blink-182 as DeLonge famously walked away from the band to concentrate on To The Stars, which eventually developed into full-fledged UFO research and the launching of To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science. 

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