Sculptor makes action-figure like grey aliens

If life imitates art then Wayne Jones sculpts of greys aliens are as "life-like" as they come.

An artist from Beaumont is making some creepy creations.  (Wayne Jones)

An artist from Beaumont is making some creepy creations.  (Wayne Jones)

Jones has combined two of his passions; Ufology and a new-found hobby in art to craft these realistic sculpts that depict the greys.  For the past 24 years, Jones has been interested in the phenomenon since seeing an "Unsolved Mysteries" episode on Roswell.  Since then Jones has been an avid fan of Area 51, Bob Lazar and all things UFOs. 

Q:When did you start sculpting, and what is your approach on making traditional grey aliens?

JONES: "I actually just started sculpting back in May, so I have only been doing this for just a few months now. I have been drawing since I was 3-years old. Art has been a huge part of my life, as well as UFOs....Recently, I haven't been able to draw as much as I used to due to my hand cramping when holding a pen or pencil for a long period of time. I have always been fascinated with sculpting since I was younger, and I just never thought to give it a try until now. I originally started to sculpt in order to make a custom Cthulhu mask, so I bought some polymer clay to practice with and ended up making a mini Cthulhu bust, and from there I just kept going and trying to sculpt new things.  As for my approach on making the grey, I knew I would eventually end up sculpting a grey sooner or later. I have an idea for it that I hope goes well once it is finished, if it does, then it should be pretty cool looking."

Q:Any plans to try to do a full UFOs or a cryptid like bigfoot?

JONES:"A cryptid was probably going to be one of my next projects. I have been thinking about trying to sculpt my take on the Flatwoods Monster, and I will eventually like to do a bigfoot as well in the future, and also maybe a mothman! I have been brainstorming ideas to try and sculpt some actual crafts as well. I haven't seen anyone do anything like that before, so that should be challenging and fun to try."

Q: Your sculpts almost have a slick, "action-figure" like quality to them. Is that the style you are going for, and do you plan to eventually turn this hobby into something more?   

JONES: "The action figure look is what I usually go for. Kind of like all of the collector statues you see of comic book characters and all. I would like to turn this into something more. I eventually want to learn how to mold and cast my sculptures in resin, so that way I can make copies of them, and eventually try to put them up for sale."

Q:What is your inspiration in these sculpts? 

JONES:"When I started to look into sculpting for the mask idea I had, I started to look up different things on YouTube, and came across Sideshow Collectibles 'Court of the Dead' line of statues and that really inspired me. Just watching how they were made and sculpted brought back the curiosity I had years ago, but this time I decided to pursue it. As I'm working on one sculpture, I'll start thinking of ideas for the next one and go from there."