EXCLUSIVE: Plane caught trailing triangular craft in Houston

On around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday in Houston James Hill was on his way to work driving alongside an area close to Houston International Airport (IAH) when he saw a strange light. Making this drive everyday, Hill usually takes notice of the various planes that fly over the area being so close to the airport, but something was off this time, and there appeared to be a civilian plane trailing a triangle shaped craft.

“I noticed an especially bright light approaching rather low and slow compared to the other aircraft lights that were visible,” said Hill. “It struck me that this aircraft did not have red or green navigation lights. I kept an eye on it, and as the distance between it and my vehicle shortened I could clearly see that there was one bright light on the front and three slightly less bright lights to either side (all lights were white). At this point the sky had lightened enough that I could see the silhouette of a dark-colored, triangle or delta-shaped aircraft traveling roughly northeast. I didn’t notice any lights on the back side of the aircraft. After this aircraft passed me by, I noticed a smaller conventional plane with navigation beacons trailing the triangle-shaped craft at the same altitude, but apparently a couple hundred yards back. “

An employee of the airport mentioned that sometimes new helicopters are seen hovering in the area, but usually would require clearance first.

Hill notes that he’s seen two other unidentified things in the sky in his lifetime, which include a green orb and a bizarre, distorted “mirror finish.”

“Unfortunately I didn’t get photos,”said Hill. “ it was so interesting I didn’t think to grab my phone. Being in motion and a low-light situation any photos would have probably been spoiled anyway.”

Hill was able to provide some supporting details of the plane following the craft by comparing it to the size of a corporate transport plane like Beechcraft Baron or King Air. He estimated the altitude of both crafts to be between 1,000-2,000 feet both going at fairly slow speeds.