Did Jesse Marcel Jr.’s 2009 book disclose secret programs prior to Pentagon UFO story?

In Jesse Marcel Jr.’s 2009 book “The Roswell Legacy” he mentions a Washington, D.C. meeting in the 1990s were an unnamed government official told him about a clandestine “black government.”


The news from his book may be old to some, but with the New York Times Pentagon UFO story revelations of secret UFO programs and black money all confirmed by former government officials like Luis Elizondo of To The Stars and former Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, however, this tidbit of information was disclosed to Marcel Jr.  in the 90s. Now many who have read “The Roswell Legacy” can draw conclusions, but appreciate the AATIP connection to what we’ve currently been told post- Pentagon UFO story. Marcel Jr., in a way, possibly revealed this information first, but without the “official” confirmation tag slapped to his story that To The Stars helped facilitate. 

In the book, Marcel Jr. discusses his meeting somewhere underground the Capitol Building area where the official began the conversation by pointing to Whitley Strieber’s book “Majestic, “ and proclaiming “this is not fiction.” The unnamed official discussed Roswell, and the debris Marcel Jr. was able to witness as a child, and said that the secrecy regarding of UFOs should have been lifted.  The man revealed he had been charged with investigating the operation of a government within the government (“black government”), and reported back to the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding how these funds were being spent. 

Marcel Jr. believes that the debris from Roswell was in control of the “black government,” which is a select group of unelected officials with billions of dollars to work with in dealing with Intel and national security issues. The black money via taxes is accessed through programs that “exist on paper, or whose accounting methods allow them to accumulate funds covertly, without the encumbrance of a paper retail subject to any kind of oversight.”  Another reveal here is that Marcel Jr. said he’s spoken about the black government existence and its programs to other officials who discuss it back, but in a discreet manner. 

Does this sound familiar ? It should echo the sentiment of Reid and what Elizondo and others told to  journalists Ralph Blumenthal, Leslie Kean and George Knapp.   Ultimately, this tidbit in “The Roswell Legacy” aligns with the game-changing mainstream news story of ongoing, and past secret UFO programs that exist both inside and outside the government.