All the times Tom DeLonge references UFOs, mysteries of universe in songs

Before To The Stars and To The Stars Acaedmy, Tom DeLonge was always an enthusiast of UFOs, and has been coy in referencing the anomalies of the universe in song.

Through a highly successful pop punk band in blink-182 to an arena rock act in Angels & Airwaves with a post-hard core Box Car Racer project in between, DeLonge has always sprinkled cues in his songwriting of his out-of-the world interests. Angels & Airwaves and DeLonge’s later songwriting in general took more of a vague approach in subject matter that goes with the mantra of art meaning different things to the viewer and how it is interpreted. DeLonge still sprinkles references here and there about the universe, and heaven. Following his career as a a fan, and as a music journalist who has been able to meet and interview him growing up here’s a look at some of the best lines that Punk rock and UFOs came up with.

“Aliens Exist”- by blink-182

Obvious title aside, this mid-tempo Ramones-esque “Enema of the State” gem also references the MJ-12 ( “12 majestic lies”) and the CIA. The song is a pop-punk anthem for those who believe, and are met with sharp skepticism from even their best friends.

“Watch The World” by Box Car Racer

Box Car Racer allowed DeLonge to grow as a songwriter and a lyricist, as he covered subjects beyond teen angst like 9/11, conspiracies and the world itself. “Watch The World” references Langley, Virginia where the CIA is located ( “I saw Virginia get rid of Langley, and it’s secret too…. I saw this man dispose of hunger, and soap operas too, I saw this field that grew perfection full of things you do .”

“Call To Arms” by Angels & Airwaves

“I-Empire,” which is an energetic album fueled by the feeling of endlessness and adventure from riding motorcycles includes the idea of an infinite universe with boundless possibilities. (“There's a little red bridge with the view of the sun with a lake,I recommend such a setting site, and the thousands of stars come out thousands of times ,and we can go only if you believe. “)

“The Moon Atomic” by Angels & Airwaves

This song off of “LOVE” is more straight forward in subject matter, as DeLonge has said in interviews that it’s about the idea about the moon having a dark side. (“The moon you've felt, it has no side that's dark like hell, or safe from light just blown apart, by wind from stars, with white dust tides to pull on ours .”

“Behold A Pale Horse” by Angels & Airwaves

The title references the Bill Cooper conspiracy book of the same name , as well as the Biblical verse in Revelation 6:8. The song is full of allusions to Armageddon and apocalyptic imagery. (“And when the time is right it's gonna change the world, and with the darkened sky there is nothing fertile, and there is no more love ….The crowds the noise the change of the guard it's such a strange celebration the kids they laugh there's fire it eats up the world it's such a strange celebration, all our eyes are burned by heaven and earth, it's such a strange celebration, a nd they know who we are the seven angels sing, and several billion die with the earth shaking ,yeah they know who we are, and they will set us free.”)

“Snake Charmer” by blink-182

Tom DeLonge claims he will return to the road this summer. (By Mike Damante)

Tom DeLonge claims he will return to the road this summer. (By Mike Damante)

A song about the Biblical tale of Adam & Eve complete with the Box Car Racer grinding hard core riff, and big choruses blink is known for. (“That's how it was all to begin, cause good girls they like to sin way back at the starting line, when Eve was on Adam's mind, and he was the first to go, in search of the great unknown ,and falling yet again, cause good girls they like to sin.”

Other outer worldly occurrences:

“Flight Of The Apollo” - Angels & Airwaves -”Finally, I get this feeling we're all alone in one big world just to realize that all these shapes and colors are ,so it doesn't hurt so badly.”

“Tunnels” by Angels & Airwaves -”I am known, in the circles of envy ,I'd thank God, but then what is he for cause I left a few hard calls at his front door.”

“Paralyzed” by Angels & Airwaves- “Sleep and awaking to life, for a hell of a ride, sleep and awaking to life with your hands at your side, paralyzed.”

“One Last Thing” by Angels & Airwaves-” I was told to breathe in the most righteous breath, a feeling of heartfelt purpose, a sense of hope for something bigger than ourselves .”

“Hallucinations” by Angels & Airwaves-” There's images of love and war, and everything's here to explore, it's all unlike, the usual, a different place but beautiful, and it is not quite as it seems I hear the children's laughs and screams.”

“All Systems Go” by Box Car Racer -”When will this be over this cold and bitter season ,the government is lying, the truth is found with reason.”

“Now Now” by blink-182 -”I see the light it feels good, and I'll come, back soon just like you would , it's useless, my name has made the list and I wish I gave you one last kiss.”

“Natives” by blink-182 -”Don't start to panic for me 'cause I have nothing to lose I am as bright as the sun, I burn up all that I choose up on the side of the field I see a city with lights I touch her face when I kneel, she tells me she's not alive.”

“Ghost On The Dance Floor” by blink-182- It's like the universe has left me without a place to go without a hint of light to watch the movement glow.”