'Dude with a jet pack' UFO hovers over Houston airport

(Screen cap)

(Screen cap)

HOUSTON- PunkrockandUFOs.com received a text Thursday night from a friend who works for United Airlines with video footage of an unidentified object flying over George Bush International Airport in Houston. The source asked for his name to be withheld due to his position at United, but as a journalist we can assure the validity of the source and origin of the video.

Judging from the video he shot from his phone, and if you zoom in you can see it clearer, we know it is not bird by the way it moves, nor is it a plane by its shape. It could be a drone, but the airport is a no-fly zone and if you were to fly a drone over an airport you run a heavy risk.

The witness described the flying object as "big and up high" and almost like a "dude on a jet pack," which is an interesting comparison. Could it have been a helicopter?

"You need special clearance to fly in that space above airport," said the United employee. "Sometimes new helicopters will hover around, but this was definitely not a helicopter.  Everyone that saw it said it was some type of jet pack with a dude on it."

Currently, this is the only video we have, so the jury is still out, but judge for yourself.