COMMENTARY: What could the To The Stars March tease be?


Experiencer and Nimitz UFO witness Kevin Day recently shared a screen shot e-mail exchange with Luis Elizondo that hinted at an “updated time frame” of March. The e-mail teases that “…we are really making progress in areas that will change the conversation forever” and “The conversation has changed and I think by March ( I was hoping end of January) most everyone will see it too.”

Here’s what we know so far.

  • Elizondo and Tom DeLonge along with a camera crew has visited and filmed Day ( a TV personality from A&E network was allegedly there as well). We know DeLonge has been shooting documentary footage when he first started this journey and started gaining access to individuals at the White House. To The Stars has been shopping both fiction and non-fiction “ Sekret Machines” franchises for television and film.

  • “Foreign” materials have been collected and are being tested at Hal Puthoff’s Earth Tech International in Austin, Texas.

So, let’s guess what could possibly be coming in March.

  • An official announcement regarding the TV documentary that includes network, debut, etc.

  • “Strange Times” or “Sekret Machines” has found an official home in Hollywood and production details will follow.

  • Report/ results from the tested material from Earth Tech.

  • More Pentagon-approved classified footage being released.

  • Fresh off Elizondo and DeLonge’s appearance in Rome, possibly official international footage/ documents from European nations.

Any thoughts? Sound off in comments.