REVIEW:' The Nimitz Encounters' short film

“The Nimitz Encounters” is a short documentary film that concisely sums up the Nimitz-UFO incident from Nov. 14,2004.

The film is composed of eye witness testimony from Kevin Day, interviews from Navy pilot David Fravor, and presenting the facts as we know it of the incident. Navigated through an “Unsolved Mysteries” style of vocalization alongside graphic recreations and dramatization, and is also cut with clips from Fravor’s To The Stars interview.

The animated shots of something large about to rise from the water, followed by the small, capsule shaped “tic-tac” UAP that flies out from the ocean and proceeds to puzzle the pilots with the crafts mesmerizing movements give viewers a proper visual of the testimonials.

Overall, the short film provides a nice introduction to the incident, and is another piece of multi-media to add to this case’s growing collection.