INTERVIEW: Bigfoot researcher Ron Morehead looks to quantum answers


Ron Morehead has been in pursuit of Bigfoot for over 45 years at this point, and the veteran cryptozoology adventurer has evolved his focus on the elusive creature. His latest book “The Quantum Bigfoot” is a deeper dive into trying to figure out what exactly Bigfoot is, and how spirituality can combine with newer science. For someone who has spent so much time in the woods all over the world researching Sasquatch, he’s able to simplify the complicated concepts of quantum physics in the book.

“Because I’m not a physicist, I worked to keep the book in layman’s terms,” Morehead said.” About 10-years ago I began to try and understand how these beings are able to do what they do.  Al Berry advised me years ago to always stay within science to stabilize credibility with academia.  This brought me to quantum science, which is actually fairly new. Quantum physics is the same as spirituality, in my opinion.  This took me back to my churchee days and many of my childhood scriptural memories.  As I researched ancient text more thoroughly, I realized the ‘science’ behind what we call miracles is actually quantum physics.”  

Morehead is best known for the famous Bigfoot recordings called the “Sierra Sounds,” which feature the best vocal evidence to date that has baffled crypto-linguists. He has seen the animal once with his own eyes, and his beliefs on whether it is a paranormal or biological being land in the middle.

“They talk, leave footprints, defecate, and pro-create…that means they are physical, “Morehead said. “ However, I believe they are a remnant of foreign intervention into the genome of a primate and the DNA was altered by an advanced technology.  Over eons, some have been diluted down by cross-breeding with humans, thus making some more human-like than others.  This alien component gave them the ability to do things that we are currently trying to understand.  I personally believe that quantum physics is the answer to understanding.  Nothing is actually ‘supernatural’, just our lack of understanding what is ‘natural’ for humans as a species. We just haven’t evolved enough yet.”

Ron Morehead and Mike Damante in Oakland, Calif.

Ron Morehead and Mike Damante in Oakland, Calif.

There are stories that date back to some of the original reported sightings that claim those who actually were in possession of a Bigfoot had the body seized by the government or sold off to corporations. 

“This could be true, but who knows for sure,” said Morehead. “ The way our government has concealed information from us is horrible; all under the pretense of protecting.  A good example is ‘Project Blue Book’, which will be aired Jan. 8, 2019, by the History Channel.  I was privy to view the opening episode.”

As one of the most respected names in the world of Bigfoot and cryptozoology, Morehead’s advice to current and future explorers goes beyond just looking for foot prints and hair samples.

“I advise staying simple; do not try to analyze (get into the Alpha state of awareness),” Morehead said. “I have a list of my suggestions in my newer book ‘The Quantum Bigfoot.’ Dos and Don’ts.  These beings are not easily tricked or fooled.  They read the energy humans put off, and can entangle us if they choose.  We are all entangled, just don’t know it.  That’s how telepathy and psychic phenomenon works in humans who are better connected with their pineal gland. My added comment is that I don’t believe they are all the same with the same intentions.  Much of this is dependent on who, or what, originally changes the troglodyte’s DNA and how much some were diluted from cross-breeding.”