EXCLUSIVE: Photos of alleged wreckage UFO from Needles, Calif. crash

Emmett Hayes hoped his over two-mile metal detector scan of the desert in Needles, Calif. would yield something, but he didn’t expect to find an odd piece of metal underneath the sand 10 years after the not-so-publicized Needles crash occurred.

“I l found the strange piece of metal out in the middle of the desert; no signs of houses or cars of any kind,” Hayes said. “ I used a metal detector to uncover the thin metal almost immediately. It was bizarre. Metal detection in the immediate area turned up no other notable results.”

Corner of alloy shows some obvious trauma. (Mike Damante)

Corner of alloy shows some obvious trauma. (Mike Damante)

The Needles crash mostly remains as an underrated incident. Hayes was able to interview people in the small desert town that borders Nevada, and believes the post-crash military presence was effective in quieting the people of Needles and “encouraging” them to forget about the whole thing. 

“I was able to chat with some people who witnessed the event but they were in no way interested in being filmed or recorded,” Hayes said. “Nearly every resident  that I bumped into at a gas station or at a stoplight seemed to know something about the crash of 2008. It wasn’t until I located a local witness that gave me nearly exact map coordinates of the crash site. When asking him if he knew any other witnesses he told most witnesses are hesitant to go on record fearing for their lives.”

Hayes ( a UFO researcher and podcaster) was tipped off by a local with coordinates that would take him to an area the crash happened not too far from the Nevada state line. Since finding an odd piece of metal, which appears aluminum in nature, Hayes’ story has only be shared on his podcast UFO Bros.

Until now.

Hayes revealed his piece of wreckage during a TV pilot taping that I was a part of. The piece of metal does corroborate what with how a lot of others have described as crashed UFO wreckage. The next step is to get it tested, which Punk rock and UFOs hopes to facilitate soon. One of the panelists on the show was famous NASA astronaut Scott Kelly who said the piece of metal definitely came from the sky and very possibly from space, due to the wear and tear of the alloy, but didn’t rule on exactly what is it.

“The moment I pulled it out of the ground my initial thought was it was an unrolled can or just a piece of aluminum,” Hayes said. “ I grabbed it, and thought nothing of it until I got home and unpacked the piece that I realized how strange it really is. The metal piece looks like it was blown off a larger piece of something because it features rips in the metal, and weird bubbles that seem to have been formed by something other than heat.”

Feeling the piece of the alleged UFO it does have that aluminum look, but the texture and dexterity is hard to judge especially with the trauma left on the piece of metal. Below are the photos of the object that have never been seen before.

Judge for yourself.

Alleged alloy from the Needles, Calif. crash (Mike Damante)

Alleged alloy from the Needles, Calif. crash (Mike Damante)