Secret study could connect to USS Nimitz UFO, To The Stars Academy

Now, according to audio leaked  that was played on the latest episode of Grant Cameron's YouTube show that featured researcher and experiencer Chris Wolford, there are studies being done by a research group and experiencers that connect to experiments being done to connect psychic and telepathic abilities to what is referred to "the others," and how the Catalina Islands area played a part.

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COMMENTARY: What if Hillary Clinton became the UFO president?

It was a dark, sad day for many when Donald Trump was announced the winner of the election, and was named president no. 45 in American history. There are so many what-if scenarios that many Americans have pondered during this current, awful administration, but what Hillary Clinton would have won and finally been the "disclosure" president?

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Grant Cameron talks 'Charlie Red Star' book, his Tom DeLonge comments

Like many great UFO researchers, Grant Cameron's journey began in the sky.

After an  abundance of UFO sightings in Manitoba in 1975 laid the groundwork for Cameron's foray into the field, and his latest book "Charlie Red Star: True Reports Of One Of North America's Biggest UFO Sightings"  brings his career to back to where it all started.

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