Secret study could connect to USS Nimitz UFO, To The Stars Academy

There's more to to this To The Stars Academy facilitated Department of Defense video of the USS Nimitz 2004 UFO footage and could detail what Tom DeLonge and Hal Puthoff have planned. The area off the coast of San Diego isn't too far from Catalina Islands, which has been a hub for UFO and USO sightings to the degree the island even offers UFO tours. Now, according to audio leaked  that was played on the latest episode of Grant Cameron's YouTube show that featured researcher and experiencer Chris Wolford, there are studies being done by a research group and experiencers that connect to experiments being done to connect psychic and telepathic abilities to what is referred to "the others," and how the Catalina Islands area played a part.

The voice on the recording is Dr. Kit Green, who is best known in Ufology for his work as a  Senior Division Analyst for neurosciences at the CIA and his interest in UFOs. He's having a conversation with an unidentified woman who claims to be a experiencer. The experiencer claims to have psychic abilities and the study appears to be aimed at the abilities the subjects claim to have post abduction or "the others" encounters. The word "alien" is never used here, but just a vague mention of "the others." 

The recording states quantum connectivity between telepathy could be measured (is now possible), and the neurology behind it is what interests the study. Puthoff is interested in the design of these experiments and the sponsor is interested in the results in regards to the connectivity that is apparently connected to "the others." 

Basically, the voice on the recording is talking to the experiencer and saying he's interested in the science aspect, Puthoff is going to design the experiment and the sponsor is interested in the results especially when it ties to the telepathic abilities in regards to "the others." The goal here appears to measure the alleged abilities of experiencers with "connectivity." 

In the second part of the recording, the experiencer states through a deep-altered state she was taken to fourth dimensional portal in the area of the Catalina Islands. The portal is related to an underwater base off the coast of Southern California where she witnessed a craft landing with occupants and was surrounded.

Can the woman on the tape be trusted? According to Cameron, she  knowingly tape recorded and leaked it out, which is illegal in some states.  What is her motivation here?  If she's part of the study, why would she want this information out in the public? Also, if the study was secret and the possibility to lose funding and discredit the scientists involved is at play or possibility, then what would she get for releasing this information? 

There's a lot to take in here , and we can speculate who the sponsor is and if is connected to To The Stars Academy or any other agency, but there is a connection to the  Nimitz incident to where the experiencer claims this portal exists, and the proximity to San Diego, which is home to the founder of TTS.