EXCLUSIVE: Woman claims memories of UFOs have led to visions of future

(A few weeks ago I was able to teach a seminar on “Ufology” to some colleagues, and when introducing topics like UFOs, remote viewing, Skin Walker Ranch, and other anomalies you never know what the reaction will be . The class was a success as many have claimed to believe and shared sightings of their own, which the open-mindedness from academia was refreshing . One raised their hand, but didn’t want to share in front of the large group. After the session ended she approached me,and we started a dialogue in hopes to get her story out there. Her name has been changed in the below text.)


Theresa Williams didn’t want to share her story. Like many she faced the fears of ridicule from peers who would scoff at her claims of being able to see visions of the future, as well as her visits from “shadow beings.” Even though it isn’t the 1940s anymore, and these stories are more common some still face the fear of backlash from those with small-town mentalities.

A rendition of what Theresa Williams claims to have seen.

A rendition of what Theresa Williams claims to have seen.

Williams story starts as early as age seven when she first began being visited in 1979.

“ I couldn’t sleep; I was in my room in the bed,” Williams said. “ My door was open and everything was well-lit.  Everything became still (like time stopped).  I saw an illuminated figure flowing into my room.  I was amazed and frightened.  I closed my eyes, and I felt something stick me in my forearm, and go in my skin and muscles.  I eventually opened my eyes, and it flowed out of my room.”

Her second memory came when she saw an “ invisible ship” or a “cloaked” aircraft with lights at the base that was swaying back and forth at high speeds in mid air outside of her house.

“Five years later ( at 12 years old) around 1:00 am,  I couldn’t sleep, and I peered through the mini-blinds, and I saw and object in the sky swaying back and forth really fast with colored lights blinking,” Williams said. “When the ship realized I was I was watching it, it disappeared in thin air. “

Those were the vivid experiences that she remembered. Take note that often in these cases more memories exist hidden in our consciousness and can be accessed via hypnosis. Williams claims she doesn’t want to go down that avenue as her experiences she remembers were terrifying enough. Williams also claims to have seen visions of the future through her dreams that even include things that weren’t invented yet, like pay meter apps on rent-a-bikes.

“I have dreamed about drive-thru pharmacies, cameras at stop lights, cameras on parking meters, and bionic Barbie dolls that can walk, (and) I don’t’ know why I dream about this,” Williams said. “  I also dream about things that haven’t happened a lot, and have come true like seeing my kids before they were born, teaching, when I was a nursing major, death of my grandmother, excising demons, heaven, (and) out of body experiences all the time.”

Williams has alluded to that there is a lot more experiences and more to this, but ultimately this is the first step: being brave enough to begin her story.