COMMENTARY: 'Project Blue Book' off to a slow start

History Channel’s much-anticipated based on true accounts “Project Blue Book” show is two episodes in thus far, but the series is still awaiting to pick up steam.

The show is based off the true life of Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the government investigating and covering up cases of UFO sightings around the country. While the first two installments are very entertaining, and actor Aidan Gillen nails it as Hynek, but at best the show feels slightly underwhelming thus far.


On the negative side the show tries too hard to establish that Hynek is the open-minded, courageous one dedicated to getting to the bottom of things while his counterpart Air Force Captain Michael Quinn is the constant naysayer. It is almost over established in every other scene that Hynek is pushing for the truth, and Quinn is quick to dismiss. It is almost at a rate that insults the intelligence of the audience.

Now there are some factual issues here that some would expect from a TV show weaving in some Hollywood drama to non-fiction source material like Hynek and Quinn ‘s plane crash after trying to recreate an eye witness account and just so happened to see the UFO. There is also the “Flatwoods Monster” episode, which doesn’t do the original story justice at all, but in fact paints a poor picture of the actual case.

Not to diminish the importance of the show going forward, ultimately “Project Blue Book” will be important in attracting eyes to the real-world cases of UFOs, but here’s hoping the writing improves a bit.