EXCLUSIVE: Ex vet Don Siedenburg claims serum in experiment was alien food source

The name Don Siedenburg isn’t a well known one in the UFO community, but his story (true or false) is pretty extraordinary.

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A simple Google search for his name doesn’t bring up much, and the only places his story has been shared is on a few UFO message boards via a private video interview link from 2016. Punk rock and UFOs received the link via e-mail by Siedenburg (the phone number matches the area code his interview took place in.) Siedenburg’s story sounds like a mix of Captain America’s origin story mixed with a Roswell-like government cover up. The fact that this story is so obscure makes you wonder why it’s been dwelling in Internet limbo for three years since the video interview was done.

Siedenburg claims in the interview he was given a food source from an alien space ship as part of a military experiment. He argues the serum, which is described as thick, almost hand sanitizer like goo, helped him focus and increase his general cognition. He’s also in great shape for an 83-year old, as he posts basketball tutorials on his YouTube channel, and his claim he can swim a mile in around an hour’s time.

He also claims to have seen crashed UFOs, dead alien bodies , which he described as mummies, and said the military used hypnosis to help hide the truth. Coincidentally, Siedenburg’s military records were allegedly destroyed in a 1973 fire.He was a brand new recruit at the time. The experiments took place at Edwards Air Force Base , California from June 3-24 1954, and is also the same place he was shown the crashed saucer and dead aliens  He went to Fort Leonard Wood Army Base, Missouri after that for basic training.

In the near 2-hour video interview, Siedenburg comes across as genuine and straight forward, despite that his testimony is one of the only about this specific story that is out there. Siedenburg wanted his story told, and after being blew off by MUFON, he reached out.

Below is an e-mail interview exchange:

Q: You claim the serum increased your ability to focus. Do you also think it played a role in your physical prowess and ability to perform athletic tasks at such an old age? What else do you think it did?

SIEDENBURG: “Primarily that was it.”

Q:Why did you wait so long to share your story? 

SIEDENBURG: “Since I had signed a non-disclosure statement before the experiment, I decided that after age 80 I would be safe to tell my story knowing that the only way I would be believed is from my physical prowess.  I thought there would be something in my military records about the experiment, but I did not seek that information until after the fire in l973. “

Q:. Any other names you can mention or others that can help confirm your story ?

SIEDENBURG:”My father could have confirmed my story, but he died in l967. I am sure the Base Commander and recruiters have passed away.”

Q:What do you think happened to the serum? 

SIEDENBURG:”I was told that they were trying to reproduce the serum, but it must have been a failure.  If the serum was available the world would be a different place.”

Q:Have you heard any other stories about experimentation with mental prowess, consciousnesses and mind control in military? 

SIEDENBURG:”The answer is no! I have daily been able to swim a mile in a little over one hour in my old age.  Proving this is rare for and 80 -plus senior should be easy. “

Q:Why should people believe your story? Is there anything else the public should know?

SIEDENBURG: “The only military record I have left is my DD214. The Army promised an easy tour if I participated in this study.  After basic training they sent me to Clerk Typist School, and then to the Army Engineer Supply Control Center in Orleans France for two and one half years. This duty station was 60 miles south of Paris. I was promoted to E-5 in less then two years.  My duty was great.  I can fax you a copy of this form if you wish. To conclude:  I cannot prove to anyone my story is true, (but) however when the Army Air Force found the space craft and the alien bodies they also found the food source, which worked as they thought.  Unfortunately, no one was able to reproduce it.  I appreciate your time in looking into this story and only wish I could definitively submit the proof. “