REPORT: Multi-colored lights over Houston suburb


On Wednesday Jan. 9, Javi Molina was driving home from work in Cypress, Texas when he saw multi-colored lights hovering low in the sky.

“As I was entering my neighborhood I decided to look up at the stars and saw (the lights) , “ Molina said. “I wondered what those red lights were, and so I took a picture of it, but as I was gonna take a second photo they all disappeared.”

The lights all seem to be aligned, and you can almost make out the shape. The shape is forming what appears to be something circular, and flat. Judging from the one blurry photo, whatever it is the proximity is close to the ground eliminating a commercial aircraft.

This exclusive just comes with one photo and one eye witness testimony, as no one else in the Houston- area suburb has reported anything similar that night in question.