Ryan Sprague takes on ‘Roswell: Mysteries Decoded’


As CW plans to relaunch the fictional drama “Roswell,” the network plans to also air a special investigative look at the case at 9 p.m Jan.10 “Roswell: Mysteries Decoded,” which will feature “Somewhere In The Skies” podcast host Ryan Sprague.

“The production company behind this special MorningStar Entertainment is as genuine as they come,” Sprague said. “ As a legitimate UFO researcher, I'm always hesitant when it comes to how UFO investigations and information is filtered through the entertainment sector, but when I first met Gary Tarpinian, Paninee Theeranuntawat, and Dan McCarthy, the brainchildren behind ‘Roswell: Mysteries Decoded’ I was beyond impressed with their knowledge not only on the history of the Roswell incident, but by their collective knowledge of the entire pantheon of UFO history and the key players involved. We had lengthy conversations about everything from Rendlesham to Travis Walton, Project Blue Book and all the way up to AATIP. They weren't just looking for entertainment; they were looking for a genuine investigation into a topic they truly believed deserved serious acknowledgment and would introduce the most famous UFO incident to a whole new generation of interested TV viewers and beyond. That goes for our network as well. The CW was beyond ecstatic with our investigation, and they cheered us on from day one. It's been such a pleasure working with everyone involved. As for my co-lead investigator and partner, Jennifer Marshall I knew we'd hit it off right from the start. As a Navy veteran and certified investigator, she has dealt with a lot in her time. When we along with our amazing crew decided to take on this project we knew it wouldn't be easy, but Jennifer's passion to find the truth, no matter where it led us, or what we discovered is what made me trust her on this journey. We had completely different perspectives on Roswell going in to this. I'd say that by the end of this initial investigation our perspectives changed on both ends more than we could have ever imagined.”

Sprague has been studying the phenomenon for years and has been at the forefront of the next generation’s ufologists, so the opportunity to investigate one of the famous cases of all time was too good to pass up .

“For me, Roswell is the entry point for anyone even slightly interested in the UFO topic, “ Sprague said. “The first book I ever read about UFOs was “Crash at Corona” written by Stanton T. Friedman and Don Berliner. I'd had my own personal UFO sighting only months prior to finding this book, and when I learned that UFOs weren't only being sighted, but that they were crashing on our planet, I was terrified. That fear led to an obsession, and Roswell was always on my mind as I consumed every case I could. When I finally took a crack at it this past year, I knew I was going to hit some leads but also some dead ends; that’s just Roswell, but I had opportunities that I simply couldn't let pass me by. Stepping foot on the ground in Roswell was exciting, but what happened while I was there would completely change my perception of the 1947 incident for the rest of my life.”

CW is known a network known for aiming at younger demographic with dramas aimed at young adults , as the success of “The Flash” and “Super Girl” are recent evidence of that. The network bringing back “Roswell” could possibly bring more younger eyes to the real subject of UFOs .

“I think it was both smart and essential for The CW to provide our non-fiction show in tandem with their fictional reboot, “ Sprague said. “In a way, Jennifer and I are rebooting the Roswell incident just like The CW is rebooting their fictional content. They are introducing their story to a whole new generation and audience. We set out to the do the same. For the younger demographic that The CW appeals to we found it invigorating and exciting to share the actual history behind the Roswell incident to those who have perhaps never even heard of it. As younger investigators, we still have a hunger and energy to pursue answers behind this 72-year-old case. This is Roswell like you've never seen it before; fresh eyes, fresh evidence, and new questions. “

The case of Roswell continues to be one of most debated incidents in UFO history , and UFO buffs and newcomers alike can all learn something from investigative component to the “Roswell” show.

“The UFO community will always be the harshest critics, and I respect that, and I expect that, “ said Sprague. “This may be a refresher course for many out there who really know the case, but I have to stress that this is new territory for the CW Network and a large portion of their audience, so while there are some mandatory history lessons peppered throughout there are some interesting new developments concerning physical evidence, and testimonies that have never been heard before. I think everyone will walk away with something to truly ponder. Most importantly, I think we've succeeded in showing that a very deep cover-up surrounds this case, and just exactly who lay at the source of that cover-up and why are questions we ask in ‘Roswell: Mysteries Decoded,’ and what we will continue to attempt to answer as we continue our investigation. “