COMMENTARY: Why Trump's Space Force could be dangerous

Vice President Mike Pence announced on Thursday that the U.S. government would be working towards an official sixth branch of military by 2020; the Space Force.


When this was announced months ago, many were skeptical this idea would even move forward due the administration's lack of ability to get anything done.  Let's pretend the president  has been briefed or is privy to just some of the information on UFOs and aliens, and we can imagine why this could potentially be dangerous. Take into consideration Donald Trump's ignorance and attitude towards people of color, endangered species, the environment, undocumented workers and LEGAL immigrants, and just imagine what his reaction would be to various races of aliens.

If Trump perceives the notion for a second that alien beings are hostile or the "evil alien" theory, then the Space Force may be something more than just an idea to fight wars against other nations in space. The idea of fighting wars in space also goes against what is an internationally accepted ideal on what space should be used for. 

It is interesting to note that Pence used the words "emerging threats" today when discussing the formation of the Space Force. Over the next five years, the  White House wants Congress to invest an additional $8 billion in national security space systems. So, we don't have money for education, infrastructure, fixing Flint,   and health care, but unpaid wars and now $8 billion dedicated to a Space Force, not space exploration (remember Trump wants to cut NASA budget), is all of a sudden no problem?

There are those who believe there's been  already a war in space, as many ancient astronaut theorists theorize, and others think currently a philosophical war is happening among galactic empires. 

Either way,  Trump having nuclear codes, possibly Intel on aliens, and a new space military branch could all be disastrous.