REVIEW: 'Bigfoot Nation' a can't miss cryptozoology compilation

David Hatcher Childress has compiled a comprehensive guide of Bigfoot sightings from historical to folklore accounts in his latest book "Bigfoot Nation: "The History Of Sasquatch in North America." 



The book starts from the earliest accounts and versions of the legendary cryptid in the United States and Canada, and even details how the beast known as Skunk Ape, Ape Man, Grassman, and various other nicknames got the Bigfoot moniker and also defines the meanings of the title sasquatch as well.  While the book serves as an all -encompassing resource book of every sighting from the 1800s to the present, the book also makes some compelling arguments.

Childress, best known for his appearances on "Ancient Aliens," argues the theory that physical evidence of Bigfoot may have been suppressed by governments and businesses with respective reasons to keep the existence under wraps. It's a good theory because you'd think with thousands of sightings in North America alone, there's no RECENT physical evidence outside of foot print imprints, despite many past stories reporting otherwise.

"Bigfoot Nation" mostly focuses on anecdotal evidence , witness testimonials, and analysis rather any supernatural theories about the cryptid that exist.  

"Bigfoot Nation" drops September , 1 2018 via Adventures Unlimited.


Here's the Punk Rock and UFOs interview with Childress.