EXCLUSIVE: Australian UFO in broad daylight

(Submitted by M. Bertucci)

(Submitted by M. Bertucci)

The following photo was sent in via an Instagram follower in Australia.  The man and his wife were enjoying the beautiful sites of Sunshine Coast, Australia when they noticed something strange in the sky.

When zooming in on the picture you can see what appears to be a circular shape with that looks like lights around the crown and possibly a dome. Now this could just be a reflection from the bright sun, or a  product of seismic activity that some  skeptics believe, as locals speculated during the coast's last reported sighting by Australian media. 

Australian airport workers reported a UFO sighting in 2017 as well, as investigated by MUFON, so Australia is no stranger to sightings. Reported sightings in the Australia/ New Zealand area date back to the 1940s, but with Australia's rich, indigenous history it wouldn't be a stretch to theorize visitations due to other high-tribal traffic throughout the world's history.


What do you think? The object is clearly hard to identify, but does fit the description of a dome-shaped UAP.