First contact for some at AlienCon 2018

AlienCon Baltimore, which is a convention for all-things “Ancient Alien,” ancient astronaut theory and pop culture, will take place Nov. 9 to 11 and will feature some first-timers presenting and promoting.

The con has headliners like celebrities Jenna Coleman from “Dr.Who,” Michael Dorn from “Star Trek” fame, as well as industry experts like Richard Dolan, and Punk rock and UFOs colleagues Ryan Sprague and Jason McClellan making their con debuts. Sprague appeared at the Pasadena, Calif. version recently, but will be doing Baltimore for the first time.


“Between my last appearance at AlienCon in Pasadena, and this upcoming Baltimore event, I have seen a dramatic change in the speakers invited to present, “ said Sprague.”More UFO researchers are being included, leading me to believe that while this is an event is hosted by ‘Ancient Alien’s and clearly draws an audience that craves entertainment, it is striving to gain credibility when it comes to the UFO topic. And perhaps even more importantly, it is bringing in YOUNGER people to an event involving the UFO question. …It also bridges the gap between entertainment and information. And while that can be muddy, its our jobs moving forward with this event and others like it, to strive for legitimacy, steer them in fact-based directions, and use these platforms to give the UFO field a voice among the fandom that ‘Ancient Aliens’ has created. I firmly believe we can all work together to find truth, and that comes with meeting new people, hearing new stories, and asking new questions of these phenomena. That's what I look forward to most about attending Alien Con Baltimore and other events moving forward. “

Mike Gentile and his band Majungas will be promoting at a booth the band’s latest album, which is apt for the con “Ancient Astronaut Theory.”

“This album was specifically designed to be a tribute to all of the work that has been done in the ancient astronaut field and to share it with the army of fans that are equally as passionate about the topic as I am<‘ Gentile said. “ Many of these ancient astronaut supporters, as well as all of the big players in the industry, will be present at Alien Con, so it’s a tremendous opportunity for me to share this project with them.”

All the familiar names from the “Ancient Aliens'“ show like Erich Von Daniken, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Nick Pope , and others will be present, but fresher faces that haven’t appeared on the show will be bringing something new to the table.

“This event is largely an ‘Ancient Aliens’ fan fest, so it'll definitely have a large ‘Ancient Aliens’ presence because the show plays such a large role in the presentation of the UFO/ET topic in current pop culture,” McClellan said. “ I'm expecting to see ‘Ancient Aliens fans’, of course, but I'm also expecting to see a large turnout of people who are fans of the UFO/ET topic generally. I enjoy speaking at events like this—events that are less academic than a purely lecture-driven conference, and more focused on providing an entertaining event at which information can still be provided in a fun environment.”