'Ancient Aliens' -'The Akashic Record' episode one of show's best



Season 12 of "Ancient Aliens" has been solid so far by looking at deeper subjects and having a more focused/ in-depth feel per episode, rather jumping all over the place. The twelfth season continues to shine with the latest episode "The Akashic Record," which is one of the shows best episodes and it barely deals with aliens.

The episode revolves around a highly intellectual and fascinating topic without overdoing it with the "it's aliens" thing.  Mostly the show deals with the idea of cosmic consciousness, zero point energy and the Akashic Record, which is a belief that we can tap into the universe's "cloud" of knowledge. Zero point energy, which was an Albert Einstein idea, is theoretically sound, and quantum waves exist, but are invisible.This idea makes up the Akashic Record; intelligent informational field we can tap into through our consciousness, which the show compares to the current "cloud" and Internet.

Episode 10 does suggest some information in the Akashic Record could be from extraterrestrials by citing  Nikola Tesla's beliefs and stories as a reference. It also includes the prophecies of Baba Vanga- a blind prophet who survived a natural disaster to predict years in advance 9-11,  the first African American president would be president no.44, the fall of Europe and she also mentioned interactions with aliens who told her many secrets are in all our religious texts. 

Overall, the latest episode of "Ancient Aliens" effectively argues we need to move into a different realm that taps into our mind and spirit, and provides enlightening arguments and ideas outside of just the ancient alien theory.