Chris Wolford's DIY take on Ufology

Grandma's farmhouse was supposed to be a safe place for young Chris Wolford.

When not ressearching UFOs, Chris Wolford is a proud family man. (Chris Wolford)

When not ressearching UFOs, Chris Wolford is a proud family man. (Chris Wolford)

He'd  been there many times before taking part in the perks of the farmland of suburban Michigan. But this day was different, as Wolford was escorted out of his room and into the cornfield by "the others." While with the greys,  Wolford vividly remembers an earthly smell , and the sounds of owls hooting, which is a common phenomenon in these cases.

Wolford looked back towards the house, peering up at his grandmother's bedroom hoping to see a sense of familiarity, but  instead he saw what was described as an Apollo-like rocket soaring up into the sky.

Ever since then, Wolford has taken a DIY approach to Ufology. The independent researcher, who is free from the deadlines of a blog or book, has still remained a staple in Ufology by the connections he's made and the countless hours he's spent on the subject.

"I love the fact that I do my own research and networking within our community," said Wolford. "In this field, I have found you have to have a balance between your research and UFO related stuff and family time . I have found this topic can consume people and change them as a person.  I tend to avoid that as much as I can."

Wolford's research and continued connects and studies has kept him up to date with everything going on in Ufology. He's willing to share his information, but at same time, protects some of his sources when needed.

"I share what I know with fellow colleagues or podcasters when I do shows," Wolford said."I'll never share contacts on how  I get some of my information . For the most part, this community is like a mini-intelligence group . Together we will succeed divided we will never get to figure out what this phenomenon is or might be ?"



Wolford recently appeared on Rogue Planet's Unknown podcast with myself,  Jason McClellan and MJ Banias to discuss the Tom DeLonge/ To The Stars announcement. He's been following this story closely, and has revealed some interesting tidbits about it to

Q: You've been following the DeLonge/ TTS stuff for a while, and you've detailed some behind scenes stuff. Care to share your thoughts on TTS AAS and what you've learned from Chris Bledsoe and  others about the evil alien thing?

WOLFORD: "I've been obsessed with the Delonge saga since it started in summer of 2014 . From his post on Facebook to Instagram . All his interviews or podcast he has done, I've listened to them all . I figure if you are a researcher in this field and you want to know him or might what he might be planning, you have consume all the available data . Wikileaks is when this saga, in my opinion. blew wide open . We got to see the inner workings of this 'Sekret Machines' project and who he was meeting with in secret. 

I also worked my sources to gain some more knowledge on who else was advising him that wasn't mentioned in the Wikileaks.  Hal Puthoff was a name given to me from day one as well as Jacques Vallee.  It seemed it was a new version of NIDS . Enter Jim Semivan an ex-CIA officer with 25 years in the company and also a experiencer of this phenomenon. When I was given this information. I concluded that this project was something more than just what Tom had always been talking about in the media . I also say because I am a experiencer, that this project is going to do more than what we all expect from it . That feeling is something I can't describe, I just know . This is why I think Christopher Bledsoe is also optimistic on what will come from this project. I will say one researcher has told me in private that Christopher is and was being used by these intelligence agency contacts. I've asked this to Christopher and he disagrees strongly. This Delonge saga has been a hall of mirrors just like the late Leonard Stringfield had stated . As far a the evil alien narrative, it's my belief that some of the people that Tom has been working with are new elements of the Collins elite . Nick Redfern has an entire book called 'FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife' . The story is almost the same as what Tom has talked about in various interviews and podcast. "