On the whole disclosure debate. ...

Disclosure is always a hot topic in the UFO community that often continues to drive the divide, rather bridge the gap in Ufology.

For some, nothing short of full disclosure is considered a failure. For others, disclosure is an ongoing process that may never come to full fruition. The moment we accept the latter argument, the easier this all becomes. 

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Takeaways from Tom DeLonge on 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast

Tom DeLonge was on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Thursday night, and overall did a better job to deter some skeptics of To The Stars Academy, but there are still plenty of unanswered questions. Here's some  interesting bullet points from it:

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What the Tom DeLonge announcement means

Tom DeLonge's big announcement is the formation of To The Stars Academy Of Arts and Science, which promises to focus on synergistic divisions of science, aerospace, and entertainment. DeLonge is joined by an impressive list of former government officials from national security and the scientific community to help push the progress forward in research, advanced technology and "informative storytelling," which is likely where the "Sekret Machines" fiction and non-fiction franchises fit.  

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