What the Tom DeLonge announcement means

Tom DeLonge's Angels & Airwaves will provide the soundtracks to his upcoming franchises. (Mike Damante)

Tom DeLonge's Angels & Airwaves will provide the soundtracks to his upcoming franchises. (Mike Damante)


Tom DeLonge's big announcement is the formation of To The Stars Academy Of Arts and Science, which promises to focus on synergistic divisions of science, aerospace, and entertainment. The announcement came three years to the day he played his last show with blink-182 on Oct. 11, 2014 at Wine Amplified in Las Vegas. 

DeLonge is joined by an impressive list of former government officials from national security and the scientific community to help push the progress forward in research, advanced technology and "informative storytelling," which is likely where the "Sekret Machines" fiction and non-fiction franchises fit.  

This would explain DeLonge's recent visits to EarthTech International , which is an institute for advanced studies in Austin.

If anything the idea of having a new wing of scientific research that leans towards UAP/ UFOs that pushes progressive, non-traditional ideas and has government approval is exciting in its infancy. Where this all goes from here, is anyone's guess, but it's a step forward.

"Everybody will be let down,
Everybody will be let down"- "Tiny Voices"- Box Car Racer

To some, the news may come as a disappointment since many were expecting some earth-shattering disclosure or confirmation. DeLonge is a master of manifesting hype for his own projects.  I've met and interviewed DeLonge on various occasions and always found him to be passionate about whatever he was talking about.  Over the past two years, DeLonge's handlers have been careful with presenting anything UFO related; they've sought out press ( mostly major outlets) and only if there was something newsworthy To The Stars needed to get out to the public. 

DeLonge's inability in the past to time manage, meet deadlines and work democratically with others will be tested here, as this is something he won't be able to dictate the parameters like he tried in blink-182.  DeLonge works best when given creative freedom and control, and overseeing this project the pressure will be on. Also, juggling the TTS/AAS , his "Sekret Machines" documentary and books, the "Poet Anderson" books and film, the "Strange Times" franchise and recording songs for Angels & Airwaves, DeLonge better not spread himself too thin like he's done before. It almost sounds impossible to fully take on all of these projects with his relatively small To The Stars team, but his heart is in the right place with TTA/AAS.

"Insider information, hand in your resignation" - "Man Overboard"- blink-182

Mike Damante and Tom DeLonge backstage at Warped Tour 2008. (Mike Damante)

Mike Damante and Tom DeLonge backstage at Warped Tour 2008. (Mike Damante)

As far as a return to blink-182? There's no way it seems that can happen anytime soon or at all. 

DeLonge isn't some celebrity trying to profit off UFO research; he doesn't need the money and has self-funded most of his art projects. This isn't about getting rich or famous, so hopefully this puts an end to the detractors who use the "profiteer" argument. 

UPDATE:(After Wednesday's livestream)

The team seems serious on making legit strides in scientific advancements, and many have left lucrative jobs and high-ranking positions to do so. If anything, this team won't be screaming"disclosure! Here is proof aliens are real!," but instead trying to take their insider knowledge and apply to  engineering, aerospace and education on the subject. If innovation or anything for that matter that comes from this that doesn't directly benefit "the field" will people consider this a loss?  

 TTS/AAS claims to be "cutting out the middle man" and "without the restrictions of government priorities." There's an investor element to this that will turn off a lot of people, and the corporate aspect will have others questioning the end goals. A lot of DeLonge skeptics have been slamming him from the start, and this announcement didn't deter them or change their mind at all.  

How much pull  will DeLonge have over all of this or how much he'll be "managed" by others remains to be seen. There's a lot of overall vagueness here, but if we take this for what it is; a branch of research, it could be cool. 

We will be watching.