New interview sheds different light on Skinwalker Ranch

The phenomena-filled Skinwalker Ranch is back in the limelight again due to recent exposure from Jeremy Corbell’s 2018 film “Hunt The Skinwalker,” but there’s another side to this story being exposed by UFO researcher Erica Lukes and former Bigelow Aerospace Advance Space Studios investigator Chris Marx.

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UFOs don't pay the bills: What we do for day jobs

Ufologists, researchers and cryptozoology enthusiasts  put in countless hours and valiant efforts into research that in most cases doesn't pay the bills. Many do it for simply one reason; a passion to seek the truth.

While there are some who make a living (part and full time) off the study of the unknown, most have careers outside, which is a testament to the passion the people involved in this field have to donate a lot of their free time for a "hobby" that doesn't always pay-off fiscally or in terms of results.

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Erica Lukes details 'UFOs:The Lost Evidence,' obstacles in the field

In 2013, a chance sighting of strange, orange orbs in the sky over the Salt Lake Valley reignited Erica Lukes childhood interest in the UFOs and the paranormal.  Ever since that night, Lukes has become one of the field's brightest stars as she hosts "UFOs Classified" every Friday night at KCOR Digital Radio Network. She's also been a guest on George Noory's "Coast To Coast AM" and is regular contributor on "UFOs: The Lost Evidence" on AHC TV.

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